Bears, beets, Battlestar Galactica.

BUF (aka B-team, aka the Narwhals, aka the Williams Chipotle Club) is WUF's low-commitment, high-fun, mixed (or all-gender) team. Unlike the A-teams, we do not hold tryouts, and all of our events are always open to everyone! We are a great option for people who love playing ultimate, and want to keep practicing and getting better, but don't necessarily want to make such an intense time commitment as those hardos on the A-teams. We are also a great option for people who didn't make the A-team, but still want to be part of the organization in some (super fun) way. In a normal year, we hold practices about twice a week, and attend a few (incredibly fun and chill) daylong tournaments on weekends. These days we've also been solving zoom crossword puzzles, and playing lots of highly competitive skribbl. We can't wait to get back to campus and meet a new cohort of freshmen narwhals! Contact Eli Miller (em19@williams.edu) or Maya Spalding-Fecher (mns4@williams.edu) for more info.

Group Pic
Practice Shot